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Welcome To Tele Anacaona
What is Tele Anacaona

Tele Anacaona is the first Haitian television station to be broadcasted throughout the United States, the Caribbean and the Canada, on a 24 hour scale; consequently becoming the leading Haitian broadcasting service. Tele Anacaona promises to provide the best entertainment as well as educative programming; combining, skill and excellence that spans the entire Haitian community. We are committed to bringing you, a better alternative programming for your children in addition to a better way of life by keeping the true principles of our ancestors alive and thriving.

Viewers who are seeking a higher standard of television broadcasting are guaranteed the finest quality of images, through the use of modern technology. Tele Anacaona and its staff have a genuine concern for their users’ total satisfaction and any underlying concerns.
If you are new to our website, please feel free to browse around and learn about our feature programming. If you are interested in starting your journey with Tele Anacaona, please contact our sale department for further assistance.

One TV, One Community, L’union fait la force




Why An Haitian TV

Television is the world’s greatest teaching tool, but unfortunately a lot of TV programs are not edifying our kids about values, respect and integrity. Tele Anacaona intends to change all that. A 24 hour broadcast will connect us Haitians together, allowing our culture to be enriched. As events happen in Haiti, you will watch it live; no longer would you having to rely on people distorting the news for you. You can have access to all sport events taking place in Haiti and around the world. With Tele Anacaona you will have the chance to rediscover the beauty of Haiti, the same way past generations have viewed and cherished her.


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