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Your Receiver Key Function

Program Information Banner:  When selecting a channel, an information banner automatically appears on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds.  This banner provides the current channel information.

Detailed Channel list:
During normal live mode you can view a list of all the channel.  With the touch of a button you can have a simple channel list displayed on the screen.

Simple Channel List: When  a detailed channel list is displayed on the screen during normal live mode you can switch to a simple channel list.

Electric Program Guide: During normal live mode an electronic program Guide will be displayed on the screen.

Multi-Channel Preview:
during normal live mode you can view multiple image window panes representing current programming.

Last channel: Just by the press of a button you can recall the last channel selected.

Select Alternative Audio:
Select an alternate audio for the current channel

Stereo or Mono Audio Selection:  Toggle Stereo, Left or Right Audio output for the current channel.  Often a channel may program several audio sources together and a left or right channel must be selected.

Display Karaoke Lyrics:
This option allow you to display lyrics for available audio services.

Select TV/VCR Output:
Toggle the TV/VCR output on the rear of the receiver between the receiver’s satellite channels or any Cable TV, antenna or any source that is connected to the receiver.  Perfect for connecting this system with Cable TV.

View Signal Level and Signal Quality:
This allow you to display a meter which shows Signal Level and Quality.

Zoom IN / OUT:
Increase or decrease the magnification of any choosing area on the screen.

Channel Manager: Organize Channels according to your preference.  Add them to your FAVORITE channels, RENAME them, MOVE them from one category to another one, LOCK them for children safety, DELETE them you so choose, etc …..


Channel Search: Automatically search for available channels on network or on a specific satellite.

Other Options: more options are available, like OSD LANGUAGE, CONTROL PANEL, TIME ADJUST, PARENTAL CONTROL, CLOSED CAPTION, EVENT TIMER, and more….